Are you ready to play a BIGGER Role and

Take Part in a Wellness REVOLUTION?

Why You Need to

STOP Focusing on a Single Modality

And Now Become an


So You Can Help

Revolutionise the Health and Wellness Industry in Australia and Beyond…

A FREE WebEvent

Presented by Arthur Bablis & Chandell Labbozzetta

For Health and Wellness Practitioners with Heart, Purpose and Vision.


December 18th

@7:30 pm - 8:30 pm AEST

Are you happy to stay at your current level of practice or do you want to become an influential Integrated Health and Wellness Expert… a true leader in your field, not just a follower?

If you are now feeling there is more and you know you have a calling then the Practitioner Breakthrough Summit is for you!

In this Web Event you will discover…


WHY your path to influence, true purpose and real impact lies in becoming an Integrated Practitioner…

WHAT differentiates an Integrated Practitioner from all other health professionals and what steps to take to create the neurobiology of greatness and evolve your consciousness…  

HOW transforming your life and business starts by mastering your inner world and stimulating true healing and success firstly for yourself and then your clients… 

YOUR 67-day journey of working on your 5 personal assets moving you from frustration to the fulfillment of your core vision to heal and generate a ripple effect of positive change worldwide… 

Sometimes you have an opportunity to be part of something BIG and NEW… a movement that revolutionises your whole industry. That’s what the Integrated Practitioner movement is… and you’re invited to be part of it!

“Your ability to create an impact and transform the planet is directly related to your ability to run an entrepreneurial and profitable business.”

~ Chandell Labbozzetta

Discover the secrets that will enable you to finally Breakthrough as a Practitioner and…

  • Become an industry leader in your field;
  • Rediscover the vision and passion that set you on this path in the first place;
  • Master yourself, Master your Craft and Master your Business ultimately turning your vision into deliverables that become part of your daily life and give you a deep sense of momentum and satisfaction; 
  • Create a business that fulfills your dreams of passion and profit; 
  • Move from frustration to flow. 

What Others Say About Arthur…

- Arthur’s vision and passion for the health and wellness sector are contagious. At every new milestone in his journey he delves deeper into ways to create wellness and empower his students, not only to serve others, but also to build sustainable businesses.

About Your Trainers…

Arthur Bablis - Founder of the Mind-Body College

Arthur has been training people in Human Performance, Kinesiology, and Complementary Medicine since 1996. He has a passion for bringing out the best in people. His life’s purpose is to “inspire and empower others to become Integrated Practitioners, true leaders in their field not merely competent craftsmen.” 

Chandell Labbozzetta - Certified NLP Master Trainer

Chandell has worked with over 1000 personal breakthrough clients, and conducted NLP trainings both for the public and within corporations for over 13 years. Her life’s purpose is to “inspire confidence in others so that they can make empowered decisions and create their own success.” 

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